About the Artist

Timothy Boggs is a Los Angeles based Artist who works in a variety of mediums including painting, sculpture, wood working, music, writing, photography and the digital art displayed on this website. He’s also a pretty darn good cook!

Tim explores the flowing designs that are found in nature, particularly rock formations, cloud formations and the optical distortions that appear when an object is viewed through or reflected by water. Each image begins as a still photograph or a direct scan, then manipulated, sculpted and distorted, colors changed and enhanced to create these provocative works of art.


Contemplative Art

Fluid forms of color in motion; that is how I like to describe my visual creations. Each image is intended to take the viewer on a journey – an exploration into not only what one sees, but what one feels inside. Much like Rorsatch inkblot test images used in psychology, each viewer may experience something different based on their own feelings and personal experiences. Some images are more apparent than others, but the meaning of each piece is as fluid as the works themselves.

So go ahead, stare deeply. Set your imagination free. Explore and discover the images within each creation. Like watching a cumulous cloud or intricate rock formations, just relax, let go and have fun.  Breathe deep….           Slow down…             Contemplate…